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As a customer of Donna Rachele Jewelry, you benefit from our bonus points program with every purchase: Le Perle di Donna Rachele
For every euro you spend, you will receive 5 pearls , which you can redeem on your next purchase.

100 beads ---> 1 euro

 Through our bonus points program, we have found a way to thank you for your loyalty. And the best thing is, our bonus points program is just as long-lasting as our jewelry and does not expire. This means you never lose a pearl and collecting them really pays off.

Your pearls will be automatically credited to you after each purchase. Here you can see how many pearls you have already collected and can redeem them straight away.
The Pearl of Donna Rachele


Donna Rachele earrings are striking and stand out from the crowd. Many of our customers are often asked about their jewelry and through our "Recommend a Friend" program you can benefit from your good taste. You and your girlfriend both get one 5 euro voucher .
And that is how it works:

  • Follow that link and log in with your Donna Rachele Jewelry account, or create a new account if you don't already have one.
  • Click on the gift symbol at the bottom right to open the window of our “Recommend a Friend” program.
  • Share the link with your friend. She can now follow the link and register with her email address. In return she will receive a voucher of 5 euros for her next purchase. As soon as your friend has made a purchase over 55 euros , you will also receive your 5 euros credit.