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The small team behind Donna Rachele Jewelry:

I was born and grew up in southern Italy by the sea on the Amalfi Coast. My great passion is fashion and especially jewelry. Something that shines and has style is simply important to me. And I also make it by hand according to my ideas.
Every single piece of my personal jewelry collection is inspired by my southern roots and my mother's jewelry, which I wore with great joy as a child.

You know that feeling when you absolutely love something? When I have found the perfect design for a piece of jewellery, there is something like pure beauty to behold when I look at it. And that's exactly the feeling you should have when wearing it.


While Rachele is working on the design and production of the earrings, I take care of all the organizational projects that arise in the background. Whether marketing, photo and graphic design, or communication with private and business customers, all these projects fall within my area of responsibility. I also make sure that your earrings get to you quickly and safely and I am your direct contact if problems should arise.

With this combination, we unite Italian flair with Central European accuracy, and we hope to be able to present you with the best overall.

Our goal is to give you a holiday feeling all year round. If you feel the sun on your skin or the sea breeze in your hair as you slip on your new earrings, we know we've done our job right.