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repair service

A moment of inattention, the earring falls to the ground and a fragile link breaks. Normally the earring would end up in the trash now as repairs are expensive and time consuming. But not with us!

It doesn't matter whether it's your fault or ours, we'll take care of the repair and the costs of returning it to our workshop! You only pay 25 euros and immediately receive a 25 euro voucher that you can redeem within the next 30 days. The only condition is that your purchase was no longer than 365 days ago. Here you can find out how our repair service works in detail:

How does the repair service work?

  1. Write us an email ( or use the contact form and let us know that you would like to use the repair service.
    We need the following information from you:

    • - Your full name

    • - Your current address

    • - Your order number

    • - The name or a photo of the model belonging to

      repair is.

    • - A brief description of the damage

  2. Your request will be reviewed and you will receive one
    Payment link of 25 euros.
    After the payment has been made, we will immediately send you your voucher code and your shipping label.
    Pack your damaged earrings carefully, attach the shipping label and hand the shipping box over to the nearest GLS shop .
    Your voucher is now valid for 30 days!

  3. Redeem the voucher within 30 days and your new earrings will be on their way to you as soon as the repair is complete.
    Please note that the minimum order amount for free shipping is 50 euros.

    If you have not redeemed your voucher after the 30 days have expired, we will send your repaired and cleaned earrings back to you.

With our 365-day repair service, we make our contribution to slow fashion and give our jewelry a second life.