The beginning

Donna Rachele Jewelry
The beginning

Ever since I have been a little girl I have been drawn to anything that shines and glitters.

Ich would regularly rummage through my mothers and my grandmothers jewelry. I would dismantle earrings, bend wires till they formed shapes and shape Necklaces, so that I could end up constructing the individual parts again. 

However, my calling never developed from this young passion. The path of ever person seems to be mapped out and for me it seem that it took a pandemic, following my studies and some years in my professional life, to reawaken my passion for jewelry.




The lockdown in March 2020 was challenging for everyone, but this also brought positive aspects with it. It gave me the chance to rummage though my own jewelry box and allow my creativity to run free.

I made the decision that I would turn my hobby into my career. Donna Rachel Jewelry was born. 

The goal is to spread the fashion and flair of my southern Italien homeland. 

When you put in the Donna Rachele earrings you should have the experience of hearing the ocean rush in your ears, the taste of the salty air on the tip of your tongue and feel the warm rays of sun on your skin. Although the jewelry portrays distance, it is handmade and regionally produced.



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  • Ich entdecke gerade Ihre originellen wunderschönen Ohrringe.

    • Heidemarie Ertel
  • – Ruhaaan Unudilis

    • ugomeficer
  • – Uqohif Ohutir

    • bafakafanig
  • – Amehegiki Avelig

    • ukepocucu
  • Ich habe heute meine Bestellung von Ihnen erhalten und muss Ihnen wirklich ein Kompliment aussprechen, zunächst für die wunderschönen Ohrringe und die Art der Verpackung. Mit so viel Liebe für‘s Detail……. Einzigartig und man kann wirklich spüren mit welcher Freude und Liebe das gemacht wurde.
    Ganz sicher werde ich sie weiter empfehlen!!!!
    Ganz liebe Grüße aus Kärnten

    • Barbara Sekoll